Case Studies

Here are a few of the stories behind the campaigns we have come up with for other clients in various fields through the years:


Joe Bullard Automotive (Car Dealer)- Joe Bullard Automotive came to LaDot Creative Works as one of the most well-known and oldest brand names in Mobile, AL. But while their name was revered, the brand itself was muddled due to owning 5 different car dealerships, and sales were low. The brand was a collection of well-intentioned but inconsistent messages. There was no real engagement, very few photos and amateur video production. There was also a generational changing of the guard happening with Joe Bullard himself handing over operations and management of the company to his son Ty Bullard. As a result of all of this, no one in the public really understood the extent of what Joe Bullard Automotive offered, and the company was at risk of being left behind by the changing of the times. The circumstances were stacking against Joe Bullard Automotive, and bold action needed to be taken.

So along with owner Ty Bullard, we asked ourselves “what is Joe Bullard (automotive)”? What is it all about? What does it really mean? Is it Joe himself, or is it more than that? Is it an ideal? Could it be something to strive for? The answer we came up with is, Joe Bullard is the core values of every employee that works there, it’s a shared culture of doing what’s best for the customer every step of the way, and making each encounter as pleasant and friendly as possible. It’s going the extra mile, just for the sake of doing it, just like Joe Bullard himself did, and his father before him that founded the company and it’s ideals. So we designed a branding campaign that didn’t focus on the vehicles, but on the people that work at Joe Bullard and their stories and values that make it such a special place. That’s Joe Bullard.


Dick Russell’s BBQ (Restaurant/Dining)-  After a tragic fire that burnt down almost the entire restaurant, Dick Russell’s was in need of a good second act. They had to both rebuild their business, and regain their customer base after their forced hiatus, neither of which is any small order. In short, they needed to get their name back out there. We met with owner Jimmy Popple about the future of his home cooking style establishment, and shortly thereafter came up with the “Coming Home to You” campaign. The campaign is centered around the idea that Dick Russell’s was more than just BBQ, more than a restaurant, DR’s will always be here as that home away from home.


Rihner, Gupta, and Grosz Cardiology (Medical)- RGG Cardiology came to us in need of a full rebranding campaign, as one of their partners was leaving and Dr Grosz was joining the practice. They also wanted a larger presence in town, to start being recognized by people who weren’t already patients. There was no real engagement with the public, very few photos and no video production at all.

So we gave them a larger presence, by way of a TV ad, magazine advertisements, a radio campaign, and a social media web series that provided a closer look at the people and technology that make RGG Cardiology such a special place. All of a sudden, their social media was buzzing with post engagement, due in large part to the fact that we gave their audience a good reason to gush on a place and people that they already loved.


Clay, Massey, and Associates/Eiland and Ritchie Law Firm (Law)- In the world of law, it can be hard to stand out. You’ve got your loud proud and boastful types, and then you’ve got your sleazy and threatening types. In some markets you also have the jokey type who want you to remember them by how ridiculous their commercials are. We came up with a common sense alternative: why not a law firm who are good upstanding people who understand and want to fight for the little guy? We implemented this approach but slightly different for two law firms in the Mobile, AL area.

Clay, Massey, and Assoc were already recognized in the Mobile, AL area and had a pretty good volume of work. But while their name was respected and known, they were tired of running the same ads from the station that blend in with everyone elses. They didn’t want to look like the other law firms, sound like the other law firms, they wanted to do something different and bold. After our first meeting it was clear that these guys were like the sheriffs of the Old West, they respected the law and wanted to stick up for those who can’t stick up for themselves, and they had no reservations about being tough on the other side. They feel called to do what they do. So we came up with a campaign that showed them as being obviously what a lot of lawyers aren’t, or at least not how most lawyers are perceived, good upstanding people who love the little guy and want to fight for him against the companies and law firms who would see him denied what he deserves.

Eiland and Ritchie Law Firm were already regarded by most of their peers and clients as good folks you want to deal with, but just weren’t seeing the volume of work they needed to have, nor the brand awareness. They needed brand presence, and they needed to stand out. So we met with them, got to know them, and came up with the “We Get It” campaign. The campaign in a nutshell was about showcasing that they understand the common man and want to help him get back on his feet. Within their first few months running the campaign, they were nominated for best TV Commercial in the Lagniappe Awards of Mobile, AL.